It all began in the distant past…

Or maybe it was just 2008. Camp Vineyard was founded to be a healthy mix of crazy fun and solid spiritual instruction. Not content to do just another week-long church camp for 6th-12th graders, we set out to combine camp craziness (like Giant Multi-Ball Soccer and Humans vs. Zombies) with uniquely Vineyard values. From the outset, Camp Vineyard has had at its heart the idea that teenagers have the ability to get involved in ministry now, and not just some time in the undefined future. We believe that the future of the Vineyard movement rests on these teenagers who will become our church planters, ministers, and volunteers. We want to give them the motivation to go home and get involved in their church’s ministries, learning to love and serve those around them in meaningful ways. No, we don’t expect every single one of them to plant a church someday. But we do believe that opening the door now is critical to the future of the Vineyard.

Camp Vineyard Southeast is hosted each year by Vineyard Chattanooga, along with our friends at Woodland Camp.  It’s held in Temple, GA, about 20 miles from the Georgia/Alabama state line. Jon Meek is the Site Director, Cory Trube is the Site Coordinator, and Kent Moore is the Site Pastor.

Jon Meek

Site Director

This job fell into Jon’s lap – literally. When Jeff came up with the idea for Camp in 2008, Jon jumped at the chance to be the director. It’s turned into something he truly loves; the best week of his year. He owns a small business with his wife, Melissa, and serves as a volunteer leader at Vineyard Chattanooga.

Kent Moore

Site Pastor

Kent’s been a part of Camp Vineyard in one capacity or another almost since the beginning. As both a youth pastor and a middle school educator, he’s uniquely equipped to serve the kids and adults at Camp. He’s served as a Color Team Counselor, helped create the Neat! Group programming  in 2011, and became Site Pastor in 2016.

Cynthea Kelley

Office Ninja

Cynthea first came to Camp in 2011 – as a Camper! After serving as a worship leader for two years of Camp, she joined the Clear Team in 2015 as the Office Ninja. She works with Jon and Cory to be sure all the little details are right, and has been a great addition to the team.

Site Pastor & Coordinator Emeritus – Jeff & Kellie Anderle
Jeff and his wife Kellie founded Vineyard Chattanooga in 2000 and served there until planting Vineyard College Station in 2015. Jeff’s a youth pastor at heart, always looking for ways to train, promote, and encourage the next generation of leaders. Kellie is awesome. She was the first to greet group leaders when they hit Check-In at Camp, and usually the last to say goodbye – because she found something important that a Camper forgot on Friday! In between, she was looking out for the Campers and volunteers, staying one step ahead, and being sure things run smoothly.

They still serve as long-distance consultants, and we love them dearly.

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