Camp Vineyard 2016 Registration is Now Open!

Registration for Camp Vineyard 2016 is now open at! We can’t believe Camp season is just around the corner. Here’s what pastors and youth leaders need to know:

Camp Vineyard 2016 is June 27-July 1
Earlybird registration is $249 for the first 100 Campers registered through March 31, Camper registration is only $259 after that. Adult volunteers are just $219. Earlybird registration also includes a sweet piece of 2016-exclusive Camp swag!

New Group Registration (and more)!
We’re taking advantage of a new feature in our registration system that will make groups easier than ever to manage. Even better, you have the option of letting parents register their own kids, because they’ll be required to select their church group. No misspellings, no confusion about the church’s name, just a list of church groups that they can select from. Easy!

(Note: We’ve tried to pick the name for your church that you use most frequently. For example, Vineyard Chattanooga instead of Chattanooga Vineyard or Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Chattanooga)

Also, for the first time, Adult volunteers can let us know what Neat! Groups they’d be interested in helping to facilitate during the week. They’ll do this during the same registration step that Campers would.

Finally, we’ve got the option for group leaders to upload scanned copies of the completed release forms, making Check-In even easier on the first day of Camp.

If you need a refresher on how the system works, check out this YouTube video from last year.

We Want to Expand our Neat! Group Tracks!
We’re looking to add at least one 3-day fine arts Neat! Group Track this year, but we need to find the right person to lead it. If you have a skilled artist, dancer, drama teacher, or other fine artist in your church group that you think might be interested, let us know at We have a wide variety of kids at Camp, and we want our Neat! Groups options to serve as many of them as possible.

Consider Sponsoring Camp Vineyard!
One of the strengths of Camp has always been its accessibility. We want to put on a killer week of summer camp with great teaching, great music, and great programming that a family with 3 kids can afford. But putting together an event like this is expensive: Just one week of Camp can cost upwards of $100,000 for facilities, equipment, and supplies. Registrations pay for most of that, but, from the beginning, we’ve relied on sponsorships from local churches to make Camp happen.

This year, we need to raise $7,000 beyond our projected registrations. So, please consider sponsoring Camp Vineyard from your local church’s budget this year. A $500, $1,000, or larger gift goes a long way to help us meet that goal, and anything raised beyond that will go to improvements in our year-to-year infrastructure. Every penny raised goes to pay for Camp: The site team are all volunteers, passionate about creating the best week of the summer for students in 6th-12th grade.

If you’d like more info about sponsoring Camp, email me at We’ve got a budget you can show your board, and a summary of what those year-to-year infrastructure improvements look like.

That’s it! Thanks so much for your prayers and support as we kick off the 2016 Camp season!


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