Camp Vineyard 2017 is Next Week!

AAAAHHH!! Are you excited yet? We are! Almost everything is ready to be put in the truck tomorrow, and we will roll out at 9:30am on Sunday!

There’s just a few last minute details as we get ready for The Best Week of the Summer:

Food Allergies

We know some of our Campers and adults have a variety of food allergies. Woodland is a peanut-free campus, and we’ve asked that you don’t bring peanuts or snacks including peanuts in your bag. For those that have a gluten or other allergy that might impact their ability to eat the main entrees at meals, you’re welcome to bring some of your own food. Woodland has a fridge and a microwave in each dining hall dedicated to your use. Just put your name on your stuff.

As always, there will be a salad bar at every lunch and dinner, too. If you or your Camper has a food allergy and you’d like to see the menu for the week, just email us at

Water Bottles

Be sure to pack your water bottles! While we won’t talk about the W-E-A-T-H-E-R (don’t say it, it’ll jinx it! It’s like talking to a pitcher during a perfect game in baseball), we can say that you’re going to be outside a lot and you’ll be thirsty! We want to cut down on our plastic bottle usage again this year, so pack those reusable bottles!

Adult Volunteers – Finish Your Training!

You’ve gotten all the emails about it, so get that wrapped up this weekend if you haven’t already. You’ll get another email from us tomorrow if you haven’t completed your training by then. If you’re missing your training link, let us know at

Also, we’ve had a bunch of adults ask us for their team assignments, so we’ll be sending out an email later today with a link to the file. If you want to know, take a look. If you prefer to be surprised Monday, that’s fine too. Sorry, Campers, all of you have to wait in suspense until Monday!

That’s it! T-minus 4 days until the Best Week of the Summer – see you soon!

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