We don’t do “camp classes” at Camp Vineyard.

Instead, we want you to do something that makes you say “Neat!”  Here’s a list of groups that we normally do, the list will be updated to reflect the choices available this year once registration opens. Groups subject to change. If one of your groups changes after you’ve registered, we’ll let you know. We offer two kinds of groups: Individual Groups and Tracks.

How To Pick Your Neat! Groups


Pick 3 Individual Groups

Individual Groups just take 1 day.



Pick 1 Track

Tracks are 3-day groups.

Individual Groups

Mad Science

Build and launch a real rocket! (As long as the county doesn’t have a burn ban in place during Camp) You and a friend will design and build your model rocket, launch it on the South Field, and attempt to recover it before those crazy Russians steal all our rocketry secrets…or something like that.

Big Questions

We all have questions about God, about faith, and about what we’re supposed to be doing with our lives.  Life can get complicated quickly, and we have so many different messages clamoring to get our attention.  Sorting through the noise requires us to ask questions, and that’s what this group is about.  If you have big questions, we have a couple of pastors with some wisdom that can help you out.

Duct Tape

Were you coming to camp expecting to do basketweaving and moccasin making?  Are you a creative type that loves to make neat stuff?  Ever wonder if there are uses for duct tape besides attaching your little brother to the wall?  If you answered yes to any of the above, you’ll love this group.  Make a wallet, make some art, make whatever you want out of the Duct Tape we’ll provide.  One rule, though: If your little brother is at camp with you, you can’t stick him to the wall.


For the outdoorsy types that want to learn the finer points of wilderness survival. We’re planning to bring this one back again this year, because it’s just plain awesome.

Talk to the Speaker

(Wednesday Only)
If you’re seriously thinking about making ministry your full-time job, you need to talk to this year’s speaker! Whether you’re considering being a pastor, church planter, missionary, or any other field of full-time ministry, this is an incredible opportunity for you!

Wait, I'm In Charge?!

(Senior Campers Only)
If you want practical advice for leading your peers, this is a great group for you. Camp is all about calling out young leaders, and we want to spend some intentional time with you, giving you good advice. Cynthea Kelley, former Camper, 2-time CV worship leader, Office Ninja, and all-around smart cookie will be leading this one.

Bikes & Boats

Take a spin around Woodland’s beautiful property, and enjoy some time on the lake. This will be a great lower body workout!

Canoes & Archery

Spend a little time on Woodland’s lake, then work on your targeting skills with Archery.

Climbing Tower

Get your feet off the ground and challenge yourself with Woodland’s climbing tower!

Giant Swing

An immediate favorite when it was introduced, Woodland’s Giant Swing has to be experienced to be believed. Your friends haul you in the air – and you have to let yourself go. Nothing like a little adrenaline!

Zip Line

Woodland’s Zip Line is the quickest way across the lake (and back)! It’s a little less intense than the Giant Swing, and it’s sure to fill up fast!



For musicians (instrumentalists and singers) who want to learn more about playing on a worship team, leading a team, or getting one going in their church. This Track will cover the spiritual as well as the technical aspects of worship, answer some common questions, and help you avoid some of the common mistakes musicians make as they learn how to play with a band.

Fine Arts

We’re bringing in an artist to teach acrylic, watercolor, and mixed-media techniques over this 3-day track!