Protips for Counselor World Training

Our own Ramon Bermudez, part of the CVFL team, had a great idea for you group leaders trying to get your volunteers trained up for Camp: Buy pizza and get together on a Saturday afternoon to do all the training at once!

I have to agree, having finished the new version of the Counselor World training videos, it’s definitely better to go through all the training with a few friends in the room. The new videos were shot while we did a small group training, and they have a different feel than the previous version. The videos will go live next week, so now’s the time to make some plans. With about an hour and a half of content, it’s a comprehensive introduction to volunteering at Camp. Here’s some suggestions on how to structure your group training:

Before the Training
Download the latest version of the Camp Vineyard Volunteer Manual (you’ll receive a link to the latest version along with some other training info in your inbox after you register). It’s the guidebook for this training, and at 60 some-odd pages, you probably want to use your laptop or tablet to follow along. You can print out a copy or two for the note-takers, if you want.

Intro // 10 min.
Take 10 minutes to go around the room and be sure everybody knows everyone else. This is going to be your team that’s coming to Camp. Chances are, some of your volunteers are parents who don’t normally serve with your youth team, so get to know each other a little before we dive in. You don’t have to do trust falls or anything (unless you really want to).

Section 1: Videos 1 & 2 // 50 min.
Video 1 is the Why & How of Camp. We’ll talk about our culture and discuss terms, job descriptions, and a little philosophy of why we do things the way we do. Video 2 is an overview of our policies. It’s the longest video, and we do a little trivia break in the middle.

Break // 10 min

Stand up, stretch, play a quick game of Ultimate Quidditch, whatever you need to do to get the blood pumping.

Section 2: Videos 3 & 4 // 35 min.
Video 3 takes you through responsibilities during a typical day at Camp. Pay special attention to who you’re responsible for and who you should be reaching out to for help throughout the day. Video 4 is a look at our emergency procedures. We hope we never need them, but we want to be sure your team knows them if we do.

Break // 5 min
Top off those coffees, let’s hit the home stretch.

Section 3: Videos 5 & 6 // 20 min.
Video 5 is an introduction to the Child Protection System, and the framework which the supplemental training will rest on. Video 6 is all about the character qualities of a successful Counselor or Clear Team member at Camp. Stick around after the final One Minute Takeaway for a quick thank you.

Note: If you want, you can take your group through the training in this session as well. You’ll be sent a link to their site as part of our application process. However, they’ll have to complete the quiz and certification on MS’s website individually. It’s about an hour worth of video, and we think it’ll be something you’ll find important for your child protection systems back home, too.

Now would be a good time to get them to turn in their release forms and, if they completed both the Counselor World and MinistrySafe trainings, their commitment forms. That way you’re not rounding those up as you load the van on Monday morning before Camp. Pass out copies of the What To Expect sheet, too, so they know what to pack. All of those are found in your site’s Parent & Volunteer Pack in the sidebar to the right.

Close // 10 min
Take questions. If anybody has one you’re not able to answer, send them to Spend a few minutes praying for your group and their trip to Camp, too.

That’s it! A couple of hours one afternoon, and your team will be all set. We can’t wait to see you at Camp this year!

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